Military Nigeria Boko Haram Denies Aid

Military Nigeria Boko Haram Denies Aid

Nigerian military has denied the allegations petrified militant group Boko Haram . This statement came out after approximately five alleged involvement of General of the Army ( AD ) in helping Nigeria Boko Haram , according to local media reports .

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" It is a lie designed to make the greater commotion with AD carrying the image of Nigeria , " said Nigerian military spokesman , Major General Chris Olukolade , as quoted by Reuters on Wednesday ( 04/06/2014 ) .

" There is no Nigerian Army general who provide assistance , " he added .

Previously , a number of local media melaporankan , approximately five generals already judged in military courts . They were found guilty of supplying weapons and providing information to the Boko Haram group .

Deadly Boko Haram attacks began in 2009. In each action the group used military clothing , so that Nigerians were difficult to believe that they are not Boko Haram militants .pengecoran almunium

Recently, a bomb exploded in the city of Mubi , Adamawa and killed approximately 40 people . The attack also came less than 48 hours after a group Boko Haram threatens to attack against a university in the city of Mubi .


Kediri Police Shooting Victim Responsibility Medical Cost

Police Kediri , East Java , Assistant Commissioner Budhi Herdi Susianto claimed responsibility for the shooting Khoirul Fauzun ( 29 ) in an arrest perpetrators of the destruction of a house by its members .

Responsibility , the police chief said , include compliance with all expenses incurred over the treatment of Khoirul during hospital treatment .

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" All of us bear the cost of treatment , " said Budhi Herdi AKBP Susianto , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .

Police added that it had asked a team of doctors perform medical acts as much as possible to help the healing of the victims . ” Do not think the cost , ” he said .

While the members who allegedly did the shooting , the police chief added , concerned have been checked by a special team of Propam . The team was once assigned to conduct an investigation to unravel the chronology of the onset of the victim during an arrest . ” The gun in question has also been withdrawn , ” said Police Chief .

Previously reported , Khoirul Fauzun suffered a gunshot wound to the cheek until translucent temple . Residents of the District Kaliboto Tarokan , Kediri is shot in the arrest of perpetrators local village chief’s house , on Tuesday ( 5/27/2014 ) morning .

Along with Khoirul arrest , police also arrested four other people in the same case . Destruction itself occurred on Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) as excess tertampungnya no aspirations residents rallied demanding backward village head because it is considered cheating .

These events relate to Kediri City Police because it is an administrative district area go to Kediri City Police jurisdiction . While the government is still under the auspices of the Government of Kediri .


Will The President Fire Suryadharma as Menag?

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono activities in Bogor Palace , West Java , on Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) . Not yet known exactly Presidential agenda today . However , palace officials had said that the President will call the Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali related to determination of suspects in cases of alleged corruption organizing hajj .

" In the near future ( requested information ) , maybe Monday," said presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha at Halim Airport , Jakarta , some time ago .

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Julian explained , the President always appreciate any enforcement of existing processes , not least the law enforcement process against the minister . Regarding the possibility of dismissal Suryadharma as minister , Julian did not want to speculate . He simply asserts that the process of appointment and dismissal of ministers is the prerogative of the president .

He then compared the case with the current Suryadharma with cases of corruption that afflicts Andi Alfian Mallarangeng when he was Minister of Youth and Sports .

" If it refers to what happens to the AAM ( Andi Alfian Mallarangeng ) , when he finished Affairs , so set a suspect by the KPK , the next day , Mr. AAM brought submit resignation letter , " said Julian .

Meanwhile , State Secretary Sudi Silalahi predict the President will most likely dismiss Suryadharma if later Chairman of the United Development Party would not resign . ” Most likely , ” said Sudi .

According to him , the President will first look at the attitude shown Suryadharma . If Suryadharma intend to resign , she will be immediately dismissed . “If not , there pertimbanan President , for smooth functions in the Ministry of Religious Affairs . President has the prerogative right , ” said Sudi .

Suryadharma named as a suspect in a case of alleged corruption organizing hajj 2012-2014 by the Corruption Eradication Commission on Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) . Suryadharma also been prevented from traveling abroad . Suryadharma , according to the Commission , suspected of abusing his authority as a minister in the procurement process of lodging the Hajj , the catering , the pilgrimage , and transportation .

Although a suspect , Suryadharma reluctant to retreat from his position as minister . He claimed to want to take care of the hajj 2014.


Police: Bed Puput not Enough Evidence to Be Suspect

Jakarta Police are still gathering evidence and witnesses related to reports of money laundering involving the artist and wife of Ustadz Guntur Earth (UGB), Puput Bed (PM).

Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Comr Rikwanto said it received reports of laundering the proceeds of fraud allegedly committed by UGB PM.

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"There are reports, however, until now there has been enough evidence and witnesses. Evidence we have collected so still not be increased as a suspect (PM)," said Rikwanto at the Jakarta Police on Friday (23/5).

Thus, further Rikwanto, until now the status of PM is as reported.


Sutan cases, KPK 12 Witness

Corruption Eradication Commission probe into the 12 witnesses related to the investigation of cases of alleged corruption discussion of the state budget (Budget ) Change in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources , 2013, Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) . This case ensnare Chairman of Commission VII of the House of Representatives Bhatoegana Sutan .

" The witnesses examined for suspected SBG ( Sutan Bhatoegana ) " Head of the News and Information Commission Priharsa Nugraha on Thursday .

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One witness who was scheduled to be examined is the former Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Waryono Karno . He is also a suspect in a case of alleged corruption Commission uses funds kesekjenan Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources .

Waryono addition , 11 other witnesses who were called KPK is Head of Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Secretary General Perencanaann Aten , Employee SKK Special Unit Upstream Oil and Gas ( SKK ) Gas Erika Elizabeth , Expert Oil and Gas Field Operations Control SKK Gerhard Rumeser , Staff Asiparis Abu Rohim SKK Gas , Oil and Gas SKK security officer Abu Bakr Said Ali , Oil and Gas Expert SKK Hardiono .

In addition, the Secretary General of the TU Head KESDM Asep Permana , Former Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Finance Kabiro Didi Dwi Sutrisnohadi , Secretary VPMR / Former Section Chief Secretary SKK Gas Herman , Head of Planning and Cooperation Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Syahrial Ego , and the Secretary of Human Resources Division of Oil and Gas SKK Tri Kusuma Lydia .

Commission announced the establishment of Sultan as a suspect in the May 14, 2014 . Sutan alleged Article 12 letter a or b or Article 11 and Article 12 B Law Corruption Eradication Juncto Article 55 Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code to - 1 .

It is not known how the value of money allegedly received Sutan related to this case . In the ruling SKK former Chief Oil and Gas , Rudi Rubiandini , on 29 April, the judges said , Rudi has handed 200,000 dollars to Sutan . The money is part of the bribe given by the Commissioner Kernel Oil Pte Ltd Simon Tanjaya to Rudi Gunawan . Bribes given through Deviardi Simon .

In the trial -related information also appeared receipt of money by Rudi , partly because she was urged to help the Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Waryono Karno smooth EMR budget discussion in the House of Representatives Commission VII . On Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) , Chairman of the Commission Abraham Samad said it immediately check Sutan .


guarantee Provincial Operating Costs Students Bone Cancer Patients

Chief Medical Officer , Bengkulu Province , Hendarini said , the entire financing operation suffered bone cancer Ridho Rizki Kurniawan , sixth grade students of SDN 75 Bengkulu will be borne by the government .

From bone cancer since he suffered two years ago , Rizki forced to follow the Final Examination (UAS ) at his home in Cage Housing Mas , Mas Mulya Village Cage , Sub Kampung Melayu , the city of Bengkulu .

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" I ‘ve been visiting the governor and Mr. Rizki this morning . UAS We decided after the surgery and he will be our all expenses paid BPJS and government , " said Hendarini , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) .

Currently , the local health department was complete the file operations Rizki administration needs .

Previous Governor of Bengkulu , Junaidi Hamsyah also went Rizki at home while undergoing UAS . During the visit, the governor requested that ensure the health department and provide good service to Rizki .

Rizki is Endang SUMANTRI baby pairs ( 47 ) and Nurhasanah ( 43 ) . Rizki bone cancer experienced high fever and swelling started on the right thigh .

Seeing these conditions , Endang and Nurhasanah brought for treatment in hospitals Rizki M Yunus Bengkulu City . As a result, Rizki convicted bone cancer and should be operated .

'Twice Rizki surgery , cancer surgery first and second bone cutting operations femur . At that time all the hair loss Rizki , “said Nurhasanah .

Although it has undergone two surgeries , said Nurhasanah , children must be operated to a three to put the wire on the bone that has been cut . However , for the third operation , the family does not have money .

In fact , in the third operation Nurhasanah must sell his house to his son inoperable . Therefore , her husband works as a driver only diesel car expedition mediocre income .


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Who’s running mate, Jokowi Ask Do Anything Disappointed

Presidential candidate of the PDI-P Joko Widodo asked all parties not to be disappointed if he’s already decided who the vice presidential candidate who would stand by her. So far, there are two names which is predicted to accompany as a running mate.

"I want to tell you, whoever we decide please do not be disappointed," said Jokowi to the volunteers at the secretariat office Jokowi, at Jalan Brawijaya, South Jakarta, Saturday (05/17/2014).

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Jokowi admitted, looking for a companion need proper preparation. Therefore, he wants to, not only the companion later prominent in the early presidential elections only. He wanted a running mate who also stand out if they later elected to lead this country.

"There are good for winning, there is a good baseball for pascanya, there is good for elektabilitasnya. Judging was not easy," said Jokowi.

"We want to choose good for July 9 and that after pilres. Later we will decide," he explained.


Psychic Development Monitor, Komnas PA Visit Iqbal

Chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection ( Komnas PA ) Arist Merdeka Sirait Iqbal Saputra visiting aunt , Irma Nurcahayanti , in Tambun , Bekasi , on Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) . In that house , child abduction and abuse victims are now higher weight .

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The purpose of the arrival of Komnas PA is to ensure conditions for Iqbal in good condition cared for by family . ” When found two months ago , the condition is very severe almost dying . Was time we did not expect much , but this time , there was a miracle of God . Condition he’s pretty good , ” said Arist Merdeka Sirait in Tambun , Bekasi , on Tuesday ( 13 / 04 / 2015) .

Arist said that Iqbal was still not fully recovered , so he still must undergo outpatient and psychotherapy . Komnas PA felt the need to monitor the development of psychic Iqbal . In addition , Komnas PA also needs to keep an eye on Iqbal alternative family .

Komnas PA asked the family to accompany Iqbal in order to blend in with the surrounding community back . Currently , Iqbal lived with her ​​aunt , Irma Nurcahayanti , in South Tambun , Bekasi .

Until now Iqbal could not live with his mother , Iis Novianti , because the mother has not been stable condition .

As reported , Iqbal ( 3.5 ) is a victim of abduction and torture committed by the suspect Dada . Iqbal Dada kidnapped from his mother , Iis Novianti who was selling tea cups .

Dada then persecute Iqbal since December 2013 . Due to the persecution , Iqbal suffered severe physical injuries , including brain damage . Dada also utilize Iqbal to attract sympathy .

The above actions , Dada snared coated article including Article 88 of Law No. 23 of 2002 and the Child Protection Section 330 , 331 , and 354 the Code of Penal ( Penal Code ) .

In addition to kidnapping Iqbal , Dada also exploited child economies . Therefore , Dada was also charged under the Child Protection Act . He could face a maximum imprisonment of 10 years in prison .


Golkar Elders Advise Backward Ical as candidates

Founder of the Golkar Party , Suhardiman , admitted filing pessimistic discourse aka Ical Bakrie as candidate for vice- presidential candidate . According to him , should resign from pencapresan Ical and do not go forward as a candidate for vice president .

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"Better not have to . If I key history , he ( Ical ) not Javanese . Already , resign , " said Suhardiman MKGR after meeting Chairman Priyo Budi Santoso at his residence in Jakarta , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) .

Meanwhile , shocking not want to comment on the cancellation discourse would Ical as a candidate. According to him , the most appropriate forum to discuss the evaluation of the nomination Ical is in the national leadership meeting ( rapimnas ) Golkar Party which will be done in early May 2014 .

" Ideally discussed after the official establishment of the Commission , " Priyo said .

However , Priyo added that all options could have been, including mengusungkan vice presidential candidate . Priyo previous name was proposed as a candidate for vice president is right according to Suhardiman . Related proposals elders Golkar , Priyo just laughed .

"I was shocked and surprised because previously he ( Suhardiman ) do not talk about it . Preferably I not commented before , the question was difficult for me , " he said .

However, the shocking rate, the view should be heard because Suhardiman Suhardiman is the only remaining founding Golkar .

" So just how attitudes heads of organizations to decide , " said Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives .

Previously , Ical mentioned already started to be realistic to target only the position of vice presidential candidates with a duet with the presidential candidate of the Gerindra , Prabowo . However , the intention of this Ical opposition wants new name for nominated as vice presidential candidate .

Golkar senior figures , Zainal Bintang, said on Monday ( 04/28/2014 ) and then , Ical collect administrators Regional Leadership Council ( DPD ) I Golkar Party at his residence . He asked for support to keep moving forward as a candidate .

" At the time I was DPD officials requested that the ARB ( Ical ) legowo to reverse course as the vice presidential candidate , " said Zainal , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) .

Ical , Zainal said , asked what it was to the regional board of Golkar . Ical compare when Jusuf Kalla in 2009 that still run for presidency despite losing Golkar Democrat . After the debate occurs , Zainal admitted receiving information that Ical willing to go down to the rank of vice presidential candidate Prabowo .

" But , of course he wishes it would get a challenge from Golkar officials . Essence because he failed to make the Golkar as the winner of the most votes on Pileg ago , then the consequences Ical should resign , " said Zainal .

He said that the current internal Golkar party wants the focus target position RI - 2 and coalesced with Jokowi or Prabowo . He sure jockeying for position RI - 2 it would be the target of Akbar Tanjung , Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) , Luhut B Panjaitan , and Priyo Budi Santoso .


There Alleged Inflation Sound , Recap Parliament of Aceh Candidates Postponed

Recapitulation of votes for candidates for the House of Aceh Province postponed by the Commission after hearing exposure to the Independent Election Commission ( KIP ) Aceh . Allegations of vote inflation became one of the causes of delay .

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Recapitulation of Aceh initially proceeded smoothly and was read the first two constituencies at once Aceh and Aceh II . However, the response time of the session , problems appear one by one in the forum plenary meeting led by the Chairman of the Commission , Husni Kamil Manik .

Some of the issues that arises is about the number of voters do not fit between the deposits and DPTb , the number of users voting rights greater than the number of DPT , and the most prominent form of C1 that is not the case given to the Supervisory Committee and the witnesses at the polling stations .

" It is increasingly clear that there are serious problems to the elections in Aceh when all political parties and DPD report to the Supervisory Committee ‘s affairs C1 liability law must be submitted to the witness and the Supervisory Committee , but did not execute , " said witness PDIP Sudiyatmiko in plenary session , at the Election Commission Office , Jl Imam Bonjol , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) .

Chairman Bawaslu Aceh Asqalani , exposing not parcel out the form C1 ( sound results in TPS ) to witness and Supervisory Committee in TPS occurred massif in the province. In fact there is only a copy of C1 ‘s or already graffitied KPPS .

" Massif is not only in the two constituencies , especially East Aceh and Pidie very low political parties get C1 from KPPS , " said Chairman of the Election Supervisory Body Asqalani Aceh .

According to him , allegedly C1 that is circumvented by the KPPS alleged vote inflation occurs at many polling stations . Asqalani estimate occurs in approximately 50-60 % of C1 at a polling station in Aceh province were not distributed .