JK Considered Not Suitable Couple with Jokowi

Political observers of Indonesian voters Institute ( LPI ) assess Boni Hargens , Vice President Jusuf Kalla 2004-2009 does not match paired with the presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) Joko Widodo . According to him , a young figure Jokowi is expected by many people . Meanwhile , JK regarded as an old figure .

" PDI - P brings the struggle lifting Jokowi as new figures that should be appreciated , not to be associated with the old figure , " said Boni , in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

In addition to long in politics , according to Boni , JK also have long been in the business world . It is considered an opportunity of power utilization . Finally, figure JK older and seniors , according to Boni , will make Jokowi hesitate .

"If Jokowi and JK paired , the forced marriage her name , " he said .

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Boni rate, there are still many young leaders who can be paired with Jokowi . Personally , he was a candidate KPK chairman Abraham Samad to accompany Jokowi forward .


Office of Supervisory Committee Pamekasan Besieged Mass Candidates

Office of the Election Supervisory Committee Pamekasan, East Java, surrounded by masses of legislators from the Democratic Party candidate, Nur Fatilah, Tuesday afternoon, April 15, 2014. They protested for inter-sound-for Democratic candidates in the constituency Pamekasan 2 between Halili and Muhammad Halil.

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"We will not go home until most sound Halil, the Democratic candidate number 7, returned to Halili, the Democratic candidate number 3," said the coordinator of the masses, Abdus Sukur, told Tempo. Fatilah Nur supporters could push each other to the police on guard at the entrance of the office Supervisory Committee. Massa tried to get in because not encountered Pamekasan Supervisory Committee members.

According Sukur, is giving voice revealed after the recapitulation in the CO level. Initially, he said, based on the data owned witness the vote Democrat, Nur Fatilah gets the most votes between the Democratic candidates in the constituency Pamekasan 2. However, after the calculated CO, won the most votes instead of Muhammad Halil. “We can get that sound because the noise increases Halil other candidates Halili distributed to Halil.” (Read: Thousands of Ballots Lost, Many Residents duped NTT)

Sukur added, it also has bagged various for-fraud evidence for sound acquisition candidates, a model of the form C1 and D1. “Already we submit to the Supervisory Committee.”

Nur mass Fatilah disband after an officer approached the Election Supervisory Committee. The officer said that tomorrow there will be a decision of the Supervisory Committee on the reports of fraud.


Sales Tax Up, Luxury Goods Consumers Avoid Japan

Japanese consumers seem to begin to shut their wallets after the enactment of the first sales tax increase in 17 years that makes goods and luxury equipment loss . An example is one of the big department stores are reporting a decrease in sales of up to 25 percent .

The sharp falls came after millions of shoppers in the store shopping berbegas the last minute before a national levy rose to eight per cent from five per cent on April 1 . The increase is triggered fears drop in consumer spending , in turn, is precisely derail economic recovery recently launched in Japan .

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Like many other retailers , department store Takashimaya has seen a huge spike in sales last month , with demand very fast for handbags and other luxury goods before the tax hike , which was considered essential to absorb the spiraling national debt of Japan.

On Wednesday , the department store sales were down by about a quarter admit the first week of April compared with the same period last year .

Other major department stores , including Mitsukoshi and Sogo has seen sales decline between 10 to 20 percent , while Bic Camera , electronics and appliance network in Japan’s biggest consumer , said demand is stronger than expected even though sales are still down about a fifth in some cases .

At Daiei supermarket chain , sales were down about eight percent compared to last year amid buyers who scooped shopping staples , including rice and toilet paper ahead of tax increase .

" Many customers have made provision for about one and a half or two months , jadipenurunan should not last more than that , " said a company official who did not disclosed his identity in Tokyo , Wednesday ( 10/4 ) .

Some department stores are less affected in precisely the tax by increasing the number of convenience stores , while the head of Uniqlo said no hasty shopping before the imposition of new taxes on cheap chic clothing retailer and no decrease after the hike .

Tax increase this month , not worn in places with much higher charges .

But not so in Japan , where the economy has long been locked in a deflationary spiral and consumers often pay almost the same price from year to year for a haircut , television , beer and sushi them .

The last time Japan launched a higher sales tax pada1997 , followed by years of deflation and tepid growth that define a prolonged slump in the country .

The recent rise has presented a major challenge for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe since he came to power in late 2012 at the chance to drag the world economy out of the third cycle of lower prices and tepid growth .


White House refusal to give visa to Abu Talib

The White House refused to grant a visa to the United Nations ambassador Candidate Dari of Iran , Hamid Abutalebi , which is involved in , attack on the United States embassies in 1979 . Rejection husband Abutalebi caused a difficulty to occupy his position nil , BECAUSE UN Headquarters in New York , USA.

New articles linked Abutalebi Students The assault group menyandra Dozens of orangutans in the U.S. embassy , in Tehran , Iran . He In , an interview Iran news article SITE New Month , monalak ITU charges . He expressed no language Not Part Of The group took the name of prosper embassy Means Rahardja , BUT ONLY as TRANS .

President Barack Obama is in the Individual Deferred Under pressure from the U.S. Congress language for regular Abutalebi not give license to enter their country . Early Week husband , the White House told the Iranian government that they make the choice not worth Abutalebi regular UN Ambassador .

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Iranian spokesman regretted it and respond to , the United States violated international law only a decision of the ITU New articles . Iran says Abutalebi is a prayer That paled experienced diplomats .

source : http://www.republika.co.id/

Black Box MH370 One Km from Zone Search

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that the plane’s black box flight number MH370 Malaysia Airlines is just one kilometer from the search zone . In a statement , Friday, April 11, 2014 , Abbott explained that he was very confident that the signal is derived from the MH370 .

According to previous media reports , Abbott is on an official visit to China , said that while these signals clearly legible but he did not want to make sure the debris MH370 can be found .

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Over the past week the Agency Joint Coordination Center ( JACC ) has arrested five suspected signals coming from MH370 . Before the fifth signal is detected , Ocean Shield has captured two signals on Saturday, April 5, 2014 , and two other signals on Tuesday .

Signals previously declared as a signal that matches the black box plane carrying 239 people and declared missing since Saturday, March 8, 2014 . However , until the fifth signal was detected , JACC has not found the black boxes and debris that could be used as evidence of the cause MH370 accident .


Ministry of Trade will set a reference price of chicken

Deputy Trade Minister ( Deputy Minister of Trade ) , Krisnamurthi revealed, it is currently brewing a reference price for the sale of chicken . This is to avoid the price difference is very big cock in retailers or on the farm .

" There are two policies that we discuss , and we are carefully formulated to find common ground . There are two instruments that we use , first sale price chicken references , " he said in his office on Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) .

He said the reference price of chicken , there are two levels . First reference price of chicken per kilogram ( kg ) at the consumer level and the reference price of the sale of live chickens at the farm level . Because according to him , the most affected of this anomalous condition is a small breeder .

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" They are cash flow difficulties because of price pressures his chicken , chicken meat per kilogram difference with live chicken . Could be great if farmers try to accept that condition with a few other factors , " said Bayu .

As for the big breeders , they can benefit from the feed , seed , or business expansion . ” They generally intergrated , we will try to set a reference price of live chickens and chicken meat , ” he concluded .


Want to Imitate Apple LG and Samsung

One characteristic of Apple is its iOS operating system . In all of its products , view other similar iOS that allow users to use familiar . So is Samsung’s TouchWiz thrusting on many products. LG also called wanted to follow the same steps .

This was revealed by the leaked LG G3 which began to circulate . Display used Android flagship phone it looks flat , but some speculation that refer to the future will be the standard display by LG on many products. Just as is done through the Samsung TouchWiz .

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The goal is also to say that the LG phone has its own distinctiveness . Even so , it is unclear whether the name to be diusungnya later .

Coinciding with this information , the LG G3 allegedly going armed by the Snapdragon processor 805 and presents a 2K resolution ( 2560x1440 pixels ) on the 5.5 -inch landscape display .

Not only that , as quoted from GSM Arena , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) , the prospective class mobile LG is reportedly also will be announced shortly ie on 17 May. But of course, the alleged time of the announcement and the rumors still remains to be seen when the time comes later .


LG G2 Version Mini Pitch April

LG will start selling a mini version of the G2 smartphone starting April . Russia and CIS countries ( Commonwealth of Independent States ) will be the first country to be visited this smartphone . Then followed other woods continent of Asia , Europe , Latin America , Middle East , and Africa .

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LG G2 Mini is a compact version of the G2 which was released last year . Smartphone LG G2 Mini was first introduced in the mat Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) in Barcelona in February 2014 ago .

LG G2 Mini inherits the unique design with the main button on the back of the body ( Rear Key ) and the minimalist look of LG G2 . This smart phone is equipped with 4.7 -inch screen IPS -based , quad-core processor speed of 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 and 1GB of RAM .

" With all the advantages that brings, makes the LG G2 Mini as a combination of design , hardware and premium features never before found on today’s smartphones , " said Dr. . Jeong- seok Park , President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company .

As for the affairs power , battery -powered LG entrust the 2,440 mAh . Mobile operating system Android 4.4 is armed KitKat main camera 8 megapixel ( MP ) and 1.3 MP front camera .

LG also embed the latest security features , Knock Code , the LG G2 Mini . This feature promises a higher level of security than the Knock On the first turn or change popular smartphone in standby mode through two tap of a finger on the screen .

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LG G2 Mini is available in four colors namely Titan Black , Lunar White , Red and Gold . Unfortunately, the South Korean company was not willing to reveal the price .


Campaign begins with over Australia Defend where love

And began a national campaign for the coalition of environmental groups across Australia and ( partner ) BirdLife Australia protect the environmental laws . CEO Ghulam Hamilton Dr. BirdLife Australia said “What our dear , where you love , environment law . Thing to protect the wildlife you love ” he said.

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But claims to cut the ’ green tape ’ , government I announced a development plan aggressive like rewind the environmental laws .

Campaign ’ place of love everyone ’ is the answer to such proposals of the government. Repeal of the Act to protect the environment of Australia , will be a serious setback for the environment at this time stronger conservation is needed .

It believes strongly purported reforms of government that has been proposed is a thing of retreating decades us , therefore , we the people are the important environmental laws in federal and state it’s started this campaign in order to provide stimulus and motivation to the community to get to know .

Dr. Hamilton , said it would not support the influence of big business to the government Australians . “The government proposals are not intended to attack the environment simply , this is an attack on democracy . Industry and large companies I lobbied behind closed doors in order to weaken the environmental laws . “

We ask you to contact in order to determine that, for Australians , to preserve the wildlife and places dear their members of Congress and the Prime Minister ” today . And support of everyone , to campaign for us Dr. Hamilton told participation is . ” we need .

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This is critical when you are ready in time if now still . It’s important to hear that the community that are supporting legislation to protect wildlife and place our dear prime minister . We require that the general public and supporters of our sending a petition to the prime minister and members of Congress .

source:http://www. birdlife-asia .org/

Mathias Muchus message for Indonesian Forests

The more extensive shrinking and declining quality of forests in Indonesian Indonesian senior actor evocative Muchus Mathias also participate in the campaign for the preservation of forests . Mathias Muchus ever won an image as best actor in 1988 through the movie ” Beauty Castle ” was supporting the campaign for the preservation of forests ProFauna Indonesia . Mathias Muchus besides known as senior Indonesian movie star , now also a film director .

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Mathias Muchus is known personal care in preserving nature . Now Mathias Muchus join ProFauna to voice preservation of Indonesia’s forests from year to year continues to shrinkage . Muchus Mathias says , ” the forest and the man can not be separated , they are interdependent , the man without a long - long forest will die porous and vice versa .

So in this case the man should be able to see the forest as the breath of life ” . Muchus believe that if without the forest then it is a forerunner to the destruction of human life .

Mathias Muchus newly launched movie ” Rindu Purnama ” it adds , ” the forest is not only contains wood , but many other lives as well as animals and living things are so small ” . ProFauna and Mathias Muchus view that the forest should be preserved as an ecosystem , not just viewed as a mere timber collection .

Forest conservation requires the active participation of all stakeholders , including people living in the city . There are many ways to help the forest among others by saving paper usage . Muchus Mathias said , ” Let us not excessive use of paper , use as efficiently as possible , because the paper comes from processed wood obtained from forests ” .

Mathias Muchus also urge people not to throw plastic waste and putung cigarette in the forest . ” Plastic waste is difficult to decompose naturally . If we go to the woods or putung plastic waste input to the cigarettes your pocket and throw it in the trash in the village or nearby town ” , said Muchus .

Mathias Muchus message about the forest ProFauna disseminated via the Internet , brochures and posters . The hope is that their community aware of the importance of conserving forests and communities can participate actively . Mathias Muchus joint investigation also uncovered will visit schools to promote forest conservation to young generai . ProFauna believes that education for young people about forest conservation is vital for the future of Indonesia’s forests .

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Spread the message and ProFauna Muchus Mathias is closest to the people and your friends ! Time for us to change , time for us to care about conserving Indonesia’s forests for our lives better !

source:http://www. profauna .org/